Build a carousel postcard like Instagram with Reactjs, Material-UI, and Swiperjs

Build a carousel postcard like Instagram with Reactjs, Material-UI, and Swiperjs

In this blog, you will learn how to build a carousel postcard like instagram with Reactjs, Material-UI, and Swiperjs.

Live demo

You can demo the website from here

Video Tutorial

I have already made a video about it on my youtube channel. Check that out for more details.


The application is built with Material-UI V4. The current version is 5. But don't worry. You can still use the code. You only need to change the import paths of components. Everything else will be the same. Check their docs for more details.

Setup from scratch

Create a create-react-app

npx create-react-app <app>
cd <app>

Install packages

yarn add @material-ui/core @material-ui/icons swiper

Start from minimal setup

git clone
cd insta-carousel-yt
git fetch
git checkout scratch

Create the container and title of the application

// App.js
import Grid from '@material-ui/core/Grid'
import Typography from '@material-ui/core/Typography'
import PostCard from './PostCard'
function App() {
return (
<div className='App'>
<Grid container>
style={{ height: '25vh', display: 'grid', placeItems: 'center' }}
<Typography variant='h3'>Insta Carousel</Typography>
<Grid item container xs={12} justifyContent='center'>
<Grid item xs={3}>
<PostCard />{' '}
export default App

Image description


  • Created a title that will be centered.
  • Made a container containing the post card which will take 3grid space out of 12. If you don't about the Material UI grid you can the following video.
import React from 'react'
import { Swiper, SwiperSlide } from 'swiper/react'
import { makeStyles } from '@material-ui/core/styles'
import Card from '@material-ui/core/Card'
import CardHeader from '@material-ui/core/CardHeader'
import CardMedia from '@material-ui/core/CardMedia'
import CardContent from '@material-ui/core/CardContent'
import CardActions from '@material-ui/core/CardActions'
import Avatar from '@material-ui/core/Avatar'
import IconButton from '@material-ui/core/IconButton'
import Typography from '@material-ui/core/Typography'
import FavoriteIcon from '@material-ui/icons/Favorite'
import ShareIcon from '@material-ui/icons/Share'
import MoreVertIcon from '@material-ui/icons/MoreVert'
import CommentIcon from '@material-ui/icons/Comment'
import SwiperCore, {
} from 'swiper/core'
import 'swiper/swiper.min.css'
import 'swiper/components/pagination/pagination.min.css'
import 'swiper/components/navigation/navigation.min.css'
import 'swiper/components/scrollbar/scrollbar.min.css'
import avatarImage from './media/postAvatar.jpg'
import ts_1 from './media/carousels/ts_1.jpg'
import ts_2 from './media/carousels/ts_2.jpg'
import ts_3 from './media/carousels/ts_3.jpg'
import ts_4 from './media/carousels/ts_4.jpg'
import ts_5 from './media/carousels/ts_5.jpg'
const useStyles = akeStyles({
media: {
height: 0,
paddingTop: '100%',
swiperContainer: {
paddingBottom: '3rem',
'& .swiper-pagination-bullet': {
background: 'blue',
'& .swiper-button-next:after': {
fontSize: '2rem !important',
'& .swiper-button-prev:after': {
fontSize: '2rem !important',
SwiperCore.use([Keyboard, Scrollbar, Pagination, Navigation])
const images = [ts_1, ts_2, ts_3, ts_4, ts_5]
const PostCard = () => {
const { media, swiperContainer } = useStyles()
return (
avatar={<Avatar src={avatarImage} />}
title='Just a Carousel'
subheader={new Date().toDateString()}
<MoreVertIcon />
keyboard={{ enabled: true }}
pagination={{ clickable: true }}
{, index) => (
<SwiperSlide key={index}>
<CardMedia className={media} image={image} />
<CardActions disableSpacing>
<FavoriteIcon />
<CommentIcon />
<ShareIcon />
<Typography variant='body2' color='textSecondary' component='p'>
Adipisicing eaque temporibus elit incidunt obcaecati. Aut eum excepturi id
aut consequatur ex? Incidunt debitis at consequuntur accusamus rerum
Tempora veritatis maiores quam molestias aut placeat qui. Iure neque libero
voluptas aliquid!
export default PostCard


  • We have used card, cardHeader, and other components from Material UI.
  • CardMedia component will have our image. It has a little bit of custom style so that it stays responsive on every screen size and it will always maintain the aspect ratio.
  • We have imported Keyboard, Scrollbar, Pagination, Navigation modules from Swiperjs. To have navigation, navigation with keyboard and so on.
  • We added custom styles to the Swiper component to modify the icons of Swiper component.

And the project is ready. Please watch the video for more details.

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